Shyamsunder ShahaneStripes

I primarily provide professional, interactive design solutions for the web/print industry.


During my 11 years experience in web/graphic design I have developed a keen interest in Information Architecture, Usability and Interface Design ensuring my motivation is not purely cosmetic but focuses on functionality and the goals of your end user.


When not trying to perfect my latest design, you might also find me playing computer games with my 6 year old daughter.


Recent Work

Shyamsunder works hard and consistently delivers quality designs on time with an exceptional attitude. What more could I want out of a designer?


Todd Morrill

Morrill Websites


Shyam is an excellent young man with both his head and heart at the right place. Its a pleasure to work with him and experience his creativity first hand. He is man known to drive himself and his team to constantly improve and above all he is a most wonderful human being.


Rahul Malhotra

Aress Software


None of these people were paid to say these things - in fact quite the opposite. If you still need convincing here's a list of some things I'm rather good at:


Art Direction & Design

Establish, standardize and implement the creative strategy and design process.


Internet & Media Specialist

Help my clients direct their focus and efforts to best suit the future of the combination of the internet and traditional media.


Online Marketing

Lead & direct a companies or client's needs for exceptional performing online campaigns, from performance, technological to visual needs.




Skill Set



If you are looking for a highly skilled, reliable freelance digital designer or a cost-effective alternative to hiring a web design agency, please get in touch to check my availability.



You can download my resume here -


My Resume

(pdf format - 72kb)

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